Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let the Couch Plan the Party

Tonight we are having a few friends and family over to celebrate Kinsley’s birthday. You know what this means…time to clean, and clean and clean. I like to give the illusion that I am a much better housekeeper than I actually am. I am convinced that the families whose homes look like kids don’t really live there practice this technique, there house cannot really be THAT clean. Please don’t tell me otherwise, it isn’t good for my self esteem.

I really should have started cleaning sooner. Not because there is so much to do, but because it could have saved me so much work in the other areas!

I didn’t realize that in order to have a party all you had to do was pull out  your couch. There you will find all you need…

There was an abundance of pretzels and cheerios, perfect for snacks. There were a couple of raisins and even a grape that had turned into a raisin. Next time I plan to have the kids smoosh the grapes before putting them under the couch, then there can be adult beverages too.

Speaking of beverages, that was under the couch as well. I was so very disappointed to find that it was only juice, nothing like a good cup of chunka-licious milk to get a party roaring!

I think the presents we bought for Kinsley are now unnecessary. She found so many of her long lost friends…baby hippo, an orange block, a red race car. That should be at least 12 minutes of entertainment getting reacquainted and catching up on old times. “Remember that time I stuck you in the toilet baby hippo? Oh that was a good one!”

If the toys weren’t enough, I could always make a dog out of the hair that had accumulated. I think that it would be something like the size of a doberman with the fluff of a pomeranian. I may have just found the next “in style” dog combo.

There are always odds and end things that you forget about until the last minute. That can all be resolved by the couch! There was $1.34. Good to know our money is secure.

I’m going to get started on Easter this weekend and check out what’s under the entertainment stand.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Evidence of a Job Well Done

There are times when your children just say or do something that makes your heart melt like butter. Kinsley is always eager to tell me she loves me. Greyson will never turn down a request for a hug. They are both sweeter than sweet to their baby brother. I don’t know if anything can make you feel more like you are a success as a parent then your kids mimicking your good and loving actions or words.

When  I was sitting on the floor and Greyson wanted to brush my hair, my insides turned all ooey gooey with love, happiness, satisfaction and self praise. What a loving, kind and thoughtful little man I have raised. Oh sighhhh.

Then Greyson told me that he was cleaning all the bugs out of my hair. What?? He repeated it for me, yes he was cleaning the bugs from my hair. 

It would seem Greyson had watched something where the Momma monkey was cleaning her babies and eating their bugs. From this it was found that cleaning bugs out of someone’s hair must be an act of endearment. I am hoping this is all cleared up before he starts dating or things might get a little awkward.

Greyson also informed me that he was going to take my bugs outside since we shouldn’t eat bugs. Point for Mom for teaching not to eat bugs. I’m also going to give myself a point for having a kid that enjoys imaginative play, even if it does equate with me being a baby monkey, we're evaluating on a curve here.