Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stories of a Whack-a-Doodle?

I feel like before I jump right back in to telling you the fun, adventurous and humorous moments in my life I should explain. I spent all this time building up a relationship with you and then I just up and leave you.
I have all these reasons…I decided that it was high-time to get out of the house and get back to work. So I started investing an extra amount of time to searching, resuming and interviewing. It really was a short process that moved super fast, interviewing Tuesday, offered Wednesday, accepted Thursday and started working on Monday.

Turns out this super-speed was the perfect speed in that Bo lost HIS job on Thursday—yes that’s right, the day I accepted mine, four hours later Bo lost his. At the moment he is Mr. Mom. All in all, we’ve bit in a wee bit of transition at my house. Then again, when is my house NOT in transition from one major moment to another.

Now you would think that being the spectacular O.C.D. over-achiever that I am that it wouldn’t have taken me three weeks of being back at work to find my groove and return blogging. There was many times when I thought of you, when a terrific (aka crazy) moment happened and I thought…oh dear me, I must tell my bloggy friends about this. But there is an issue where my laptop has to be plugged in to work for more than 15 minutes (yes this DOES defeat the purpose of a laptop).

It was time for us to reunite and rekindle this relationship, even if this means typing as fast I can for the 15 minutes that my laptop has power. Now for a very important question…should I remain “Stories of a Stay-At-Home Mom” since I am no longer a SAHM? It’s kind of a lie now. But what would I call myself? Stories of a Crazy Mom? Stories of an Overly Caffeinated Mom?

I  feel as though I need a new more appropriate, more witty title. Please advise accordingly while accepting my sincerest apologies for abandoning you.  

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